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JasperReports Server 5.2 PPTX export


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I am trying to add a PowerPoint export capability to our JasperReports Server, and I am having some difficulty getting the 5.2 source to compile with the PPTX Exporter modifications.  I have also noticed that there is a commercial product, Aspose.Slides, which claims to be an all-inclusive solution (it looks like you just drop a JAR in and change a few config files); however it is also rather expensive.  Can the PPPTX Exporter be made to work with any newer versions of JasperReports server?  Is there a better way to go about getting this functionality?

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I ahve been trying to solve the exact same problem. I have a powerpoint exporter package for 4.5 which I am trying to port to 5.2 version. The Jaspersoft internal folks asked me to follow the instruction on http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/installing-pptx-exporter-jasperreports-server-v421 to port this.

I wanted to know if you were able to get this working on your 5.x version? If so could you please list the steps for me?


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I was able to get a version of JapserReports Server 5.2 compiled with the patch. download the JasperReports Server source, and the source files for the pptx patch, and use eclipse (or your java IDE of choice) to edit the source files so they compile. Use this guide here: http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/using-pptx-source-implement-within-your-own-environment

for the new files, it helps to compare them to the existing Docx files, the structure should be similar. If you have a good background in java development, you should be able to get it working (it took me about a week)

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I don't think there should be any difference between platforms, it's all about the configuration of Jaspersoft that impacts this...


Can you provide some more info, like the version you're running, the platforms you're using, what exactly happens when you try to export (are you getting a stack track, or something in the log file?).


It might be worth posting an entirely new question, instead of a reply to an answer to a question.

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