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Input Controls on JasperServer Pro AWS Ad-hoc Views/Reports

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We have an column in our DB with values from 0 to 9 representing different statuses (ID_ACTIVE, ID_FAILED, etc).

I did a View/Report and I can add an input control to select which statuses I want, but only in numeric form.

I would like to use a custom input control in the form of a multi select list with the ID_XXXX values.

Is that possible in an ad-hoc view or report?


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If the data type is numeric, then unfortunately you do not have the list-of-values filter operators. You could consider changing the source data type from numeric to varchar/text. Sorry I cannot think of a better alternative.

Mary Flynn


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I am trying to create MongoDB ad hoc view in jasperserver 5.2.
  • I created data source in "Data Sources" location . After that how to move forward i didn't understand. 
  • In reference document also i verified,but i didn't got any information. Only creation of datasource its there and they mentioned no need to create domain.  
  • Without domain, how to create ad hoc view.

Advance thanks,

VV Nagesh.

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