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  1. Hi Saquib, The Concatenate function depends on the SQL engine that you are using. Which Database are you using for your reports? I think that condition that your are trying to test can be solve with : WHERE NOT IN ('val1','val2','val3') Hope it helps, Kind regards, Paulo
  2. Hi Remco, I think that is not possible because event if you are able to hack with some sort of search function. You still have the possibility to have 2 reports with same name in different folders. Plus you may have the folder permission that may ruin the access to some users. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Paulo
  3. Hi Masteryoda, Here is a javascript function (needs jquery) function login() { $.get("http://localhost:8080/jasperserver-pro/rest/login?j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin", function() { alert("Logged in! Do stuff here!") }).fail(function() { alert("Cannot login!") }); } Let me know if it works. Kind regards, Paulo
  4. I used the following parameters to do a successful login: 1) orgId 2) j_username 3) j_password 4) j_password_pseudo Example of Login. Login Link HTML file with button and link to automatically login. Not that the credentials are in the HTML file. This is not SSO.
  5. The only options that I see left: - Reduce item label font size (reduces readability) - Have you tried the HTML5 Charts (Pie) - This chart labels are smarter than the normal Chart. Left me know if this helps you. Kind regards, Paulo
  6. Hi Michele, You don't need to have different DIM_TIME tables. The DIM_TIME dimension is only one. The fact table can have several foreign keys (TIME_DEPARTURE and TIME_ARRIVAL) to the same dimension (DIM_TIME). When defining the cube in Mondrian you define a time dimension and then you can have several virtual dimensions (arrivals and departures) that will 'reuse' this dimension. Let me know if it helps, Kind regards, Paulo
  7. Should be OK! Are you passing any organization!? Kind regards, Paulo
  8. What is exactly your question!? Paulo
  9. I don't know if you can change the width of the label. Is truncating the label a solution!? Let me know!? Kind regards, Paulo
  10. Hi tomsebastan, Use a report parameter and insert the parameter as the report title. Kind regards, Paulo
  11. Hi Manpreet, For OLAP you need the connection "MySQL, MSSQL or whatever your DB the schema.xml file with the cube definition of you OLAP cubes. Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection("Provider=mondrian;Jdbc=jdbc:mysql://localhost/databasename?user=root;password=;Catalog=file:c:/temp/schema.xml;JdbcDrivers=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver;" , null);Need to use MDX queries Create a JSON from the mondrian result.Let me know if this helps you? Kind regards, Paulo
  12. Hi Kiasu, I think you need to specify somewhere where does your report gets the data. A sort of connection string. Have you tested the report in iReport!? Kind regards, Paulo
  13. Hi salmankhans87, I could not export a report to txt. Try to export to CSV file instead. It is just as the same as a text file. Let me know if this helps. Kind regards, Paulo
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