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Reports are saved in the repository... but what table?

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I have connected to my Postgres repository using pgAdmin. I'm in the public schema of the jasperserver database. There are 86 tables and I can view the data in them. Where are the reports stored? Table jiresource looks like it might be the one. Exactly how are reports saved in the repository? I want to help our users understand that reports don't exist in the file system, and in what format they exist within the repository.

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You are correct that they do not reside on the filesystem.  I think what you are looking for is may be in two tables:

  • jifileresource - Report Definitions (JRXML files), Server UI stylesheets (CSS), Domain definitions and security files (XML), etc.
  • jicontentresource - Report output from scheduled report executions (PDF, HTML, XLSX, etc)

In both of these tables, the files are stored as a binary datatype in the reposotory database.

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