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dynamically provide email address and parameter to jasper report schedular


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Hi folks,

I am using jasper server version : 4.5.0.

I have developed a report using iReport and sucessfully deployed on jasper server, also created a schedular which emails report in pdf file as attachment.

Now we have a requirement to send email with email id taken from database table(say user_master).. The report has 1 parameter i.e branch_no which is present in user_master.

The schedular is exected to query the table get emailids, parameter from current record, give parameter(branch_id) to report, generate report  and send mail to users...based on mail id in current records.. I am Not able to do this part, as i am not able to find any references for this.

Any ideas or workarounds....?





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Your best bet to do what you need is to trigger the report from the outside with a script that looks into the DB and creates all the scheduled jobs using the Jasperserver API. Check the "jobs" function on the Jasperserver Web Services Guide.

http://community.jaspersoft.com/sites/default/files/docs/jasperreports-server-web-services-guide.pdf (this link is for the 4.7 version you should be able to find the 4.5 version in the /docs folder of your JasperServer Install Path)

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