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jasperviewer paging

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By: chris - christinaku

jasperviewer paging

2005-01-07 18:04

I got a new question here..


i am connecting to Mysql database in order to retrieve data. what if i have 1 million records in the DB. how does jasperviewer deal with this? does it retrieve all at once or retrieve page by page according to user selection of the next button. i noe crystal report supports paging so that each time the user click go to next page, it is going to retireve the data from the database.


Does JasperViewer support paging-on-demand? coz if it doesn't, my computer is going to run out of memory if i retrieve extremely large records. And can you suggest any methods to get around the paging problem if JasperViewer doesn't support it?




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The initial post here is more than 4 years old.

JasperReports nowadays has support for virtualization, to help with generating large reports. Check the /demo/samples/virtualizer sample provided with the project source files.

The fetch size of JDBC-based data sources can be controlled using the net.sf.jasperreports.jdbc.fetch.size configuration property explained here:



I hope this helps.



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