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[Resolved] Table Component: Merge cell


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 Thanks for the reply Giulio!,

I did not understand how to do what you say, but I tried and failed.
The table must be created that looks like this attached.
Could you send me a sample table with the merged cell that format?



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I believe it is not possible to merge the cell. As it Giulio said, I could not do.
I will report to be added in next version somethins like a "footer" to the table.


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merging cells is actually possible. But in my case the text within a field that is nested inside of a nested cell doesn't appear in the generated report. I posted it yesterday (topic ID #75431) and included the code for the table component.

However if you want to recreate the table you pointed out in iReport, try these steps:

  1. Create a Table with (in your case) 7 columns.
  2. For the szenario that you want to have the merging column in the column footer, select the columns two to seven in this footer (Report Inspector tree) and choose "Group selected columns" in the context menu. This creates a new element called "Group Header", that spans the formerly selected colums.
  3. This new element doesn't contain a cell yet, so you choose "Add cell" in the context menu of this element. Now you're able to drop a text field in this cell.

Hopefully, this does the trick for you.

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Can you please post the steps how to create a table. (I mean bond a table to the query)

I created a table with 21 columns the row should denymicly from query. Example, if the query only has two records, the table will be two rows. If the query returns 5 records, the rows are 5.

I put the 21 columns information to the table from my main report and the table itself, both showed the null values in the table.

I put the query returned values at the sumary section of the main report, the values showed fine.

Can you tell me what's wrong?



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