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iReport - "the document has no pages"


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...very frustrating problem I hope someone can help me with.


Have created the same report a few times over in iReport 3.1.2.  The problem is that, as I'm working with the report, eventually I try to make a filter that I just can't get the syntax right on.  When I take a stab at it, and it doesn't work, I go back and delete the filter, re-run the report and see that it works as before.


...but.  After a few tries, after deleting the filter, iReport will just say "the document has no pages" when trying to preview it.  And nothing I can do fixes it, nor can I really see where a problem might be.  Closing and reopening the report does not help - nor does restarting iReport, JS, or the whole machine.



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hi motoman

The no pages messages comes out when the report has not records or you discarded all of them with a wrong filter expression.

There are a couple of things you can try:

1. set the filter expression to:

new Boolean(true)

This will in some way reset your filter expression.

2. Set the report property "When no data" to "All sections no details" so you can see at least the rest of the report.



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