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I know this question has been asked before in the forums, but I could not find an answer. I am using jasper server 3.0.0 and we are looking to use this to do some sales analysis. We have a fairly large product database and the salesmen would like to be able to see trends between some of the products over months, years, etc... in the analysis views (mondrian) Is there a way to let them insert one or more items in a prompt like what the jasper reports already do in jasper server? If not do you have a better suggestion on how to allow them to display products and pick from a few because currently there are too many and it gives errors about not having enough room to show them (whether in the jpivot area or where you can select your filter. I have also increased the limit of items that can be returned already and still no luck) Any help that I can get on this would be great.


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Is this really a security issue? Where the sales people are restricted to a set of products, or maybe there are groups of sales people restricted to different sets of products. We have this in JasperAnalysis Professional, where you can assign filters on different roles and have user attributes as part of always applied filters.


Apart from that, you could set up some different Analysis Views that do the grouping of products beforehand, and allow people to save more views as they go.




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