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Display row numbers


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I don't know if this question was already asked here, but is there any way that I can display the row number of the result set for the master report? And also in the crosstab section of the report?


Hoping for anybody's response for help.


Thanks and good day.



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Printing a crosstab you have not on page break.


By record count you can create a group with an expression that changes every N records.


1. Create a variable: GROUP_EXP

type: Integer

calculation: Nothing

default exp: new Integer(0)



(($V{REPORT_COUNT}.intValue()%N) == 0) ? new Integer($V{GROUP_EXP}.intValue()+1) : $V{GROUP_EXP}


2. Create a group (i.e. N_GRP) and set $V{GROUP_EXP} as group expression.


GROUP_EXP will change each time N records are printed,

so each N records, a new group will be created. If you set in the group properties to start the group an a new page you get a page break each N records.



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Hi Giulio,


I have created a variable in main report with variable class type as integer, calculation type as count, Reset Type as Report and Variable expression as REPORT_COUNT. And the same I have reffered from crosstab Report using new Measure variable. Still i'm not able to get serial number in crosstab.


Please help me to resolve this ,


Thanks in Advance

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