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Access repository from outside with the Java-API?


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Can I access the repository on the JasperServer from a stand-alone Java program using the Java API (possibly using RMI) and not the Web Services API?


In the documentation, I only found code fragments that get ExecutionContext and RepositoryService from *somewhere*, maybe this only works when running inside JasperServer.


I don't want to use the Web Services API, if possible, because it is not JAX-WS conform and so I would need either a bunch of JAX-RPC jar files (and then it would still be a bit cumbersome to use, passing XML files around) or the many Web Services jar files from iReport, blowing up my Java program in size.





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Thanks for the pointer. I got the source and I found the jasperserver-unit-test, especially the ContentRepositoryTest.


Just to make clear what I want to do: I want to deploy a jar file and I want to deploy a datasource into the repository.


I don't know Spring but I know Hibernate. So, I have some questions:


Do I assume correctly that these tests more or less go directly to the mysql database (using Hibernate)?


In the config xmls, there is a jdbc datasource referenced. Do you have an example for that?


What jar files are needed to run this test? Are they listed somewhere?


Is there also the possibility to access the repository without Spring and Hibernate? Because otherwise I would again have lots of jar files that I only need for this.


Thanks again!



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