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fill first page unused details area


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i have a report with a details section of which i want to stripe out the rest of the unfilled area if

the report's data could not fill it all but only on the first page of the report.

is there some way to achieve this?

one more thing, is there any property dealing with

text orientation like horizontal or vertical?




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kchaudhry wrote:


Not really sure if I understand the first part of the question. As for the text orientation you can right click on the text field -> Font -> Rotation -> Select desired rotation.

Hope this helps!


svenn wrote:

To print elements horizontally instead of vertically you can do the following.

In the tool go to

Edit -> Report Properties -> More tab

Set the "Print Order" to "Horizontal".


thanks guys,

to make my idea more clear on what i want to do , ive attached an image.

i need to have on the 1st page of the report, if the

details data was short, a couple of vertical stripes displayed in the rest of the details area as shown in the image.


steven size=400]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/example.GIF

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I'm trying to do this too. In my case, I want blank details to fill up the entire page (in order for the repeated non-field elements to fill all the space on the page). For instance, I have alternating rows with borders & background colors. I want blank rows to be printed to fill the page if there is not enough data on the page. Anyone know how to do this?
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