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  1. You don't really need a "print when expression" for this. Simply right click on the field > properties > common > uncheck "print repeated values" and that should do the trick.
  2. I can totally relate to your pain. Not sure what version you are using. I use 1.2.8 and was able to turn the message off by going to: Options > Configure Plugins > Check for iReport updates > Configure > Uncheck "Check for update on iReport startup" > Save
  3. You can achieve this by creating a crosstab report. If you are not familiar with crosstabs, here are some steps to create a simple crosstab. 1. The query below will show you the Name of the Sales person, the name of the items they have sold and the quantity of items they have sold. Place this query in the main report query section. select 'John Doe' as 'SalesPerson', 'Tennis Balls' as 'ItemsSold', 2 as 'Quantity' union all select 'Jane Doe', 'Baseball Gloves', 3 union all select 'Jane Doe', 'Pool Table', 5 union all select 'John Doe', 'Pool Table', 2 2. Go to create new Crosstab and place this in your "Summary" band 3. Select the available dataset. In this example it will be the main report query then click next 4. Select the "SalePerson" field for Row group 1 then click next 5. Select the "ItemsSold" field for Column group 1 then click next 6. Select the "Quantity" field for Detail field and select "Sum" for Function and then click next. **Note** If you are already doing the calculation in your query then you can set the Function to "Nothing". 7. Depending on your requirement, select the appropriate group totals. For this example we will have both row and column totals then click next or finish 8. Now run the report 9. For formatting changes either go to the "crosstab-1" tab on the top or simply right click on click on "Go to crosstab design tab..." 10. This is all you need to do to create a simple cross tab.
  4. You will have to provide more information. What other sections are there that you want to display? What are the contents of these sections?
  5. Under report properties there is an option for "Title on a new page". If you turn this on, the details will hopefully start on the second page.
  6. One way of doing this is by creating a new column in your query where you can define your desired order of the months and then "Order By" that column. When you use this query you will have to check the "data is presorted" option in crosstab properties. Hope this helps
  7. What band did you place your cross tab in? Try moving it to "Summary" band and the error should go away.
  8. I haven't tried this but it's worth a try. Try adding a dummy group and put your fields in the group header and check the property to "print header on each page".
  9. Right click on the band where you have placed these field and then uncheck "Split allowed" and that should do the trick.
  10. For the background color of the cell are you using a style? If so, then do you have the mode set to "Opaque"? I have it set this way and it works for me in excel/pdf/html. For the second question simply right click on the band you want to supress and change the hieght to 0. Hope this helps.
  11. Eventhough "Data is Presorted" has always worked for me. One way of doing this is to create a new column and sort based on that column. For example you can use sort/decode like this select case when tablename.fieldvalue = 'Sample1' then 1 when tablename.fieldvalue = 'Sample2' then 2 when tablename.fieldvalue = 'Average' then 3 end orderfield from tablename order by orderfield
  12. Yes, you can have crosstabs in groups. You just need to change the "Reset type" property to evaluate properly. For example if you are placing your crosstab in the group footer then right click on the crosstab then to go to crosstab properties > crosstab data > reset type and set that to "Group" and for "Reset group" select the name of your group and it should work. I have attached an example. Hope this helps!
  13. oops, I am using a very old version so wasn't aware of that. Here is what you can try. 1. Create a new Text Field 2. Right click on it and go to properties > font > check "is styled text" (do not check bold) 3. Now go to Text Field tab and paste the following in textfield expression "<style isBold=\"true\" pdfFontName=\"Helvetica-Bold\">"+"Test"+"</style>" If this seems to work then simply replace "test" with your desired text. Hope this helps!
  14. You will probably have to specify the "PDF font name" to be bold like "Helvetica-Bold". If you click on the drop down, you will see a listing of the regular and bold fonts.
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