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dotted/dashed underline


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Thank you for answer.

I have known about this way, but after that the whole textfield is dotted-underline.

But I need only the word in the textfield will be dotted.

For example if I have a textfield 100 points width, and the text in it is olny "abc", than all the 100-width textfield will have the dotted bottom border. And I need only the "abc" text will be dotted-underline.

Thanks for tips.

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Hello Matt,

I can use Style Text now. But it does not help me.


I think there is no support for the dotted/dashed underline in the style text.


I need something like this in HTML:


<span style="border-bottom:dotted">

or the same using CSS.


Maybe I only did not find the right tag in the style text properties.

If you know how to do this, please write the tag here.


Thanks Tomas.


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Hi Thomas,


You are right. It seems that I read your question too quickly.


JR supports only a limited set of HTML tags. When it encouters a tag that it doesn't understand the content is just rendered as text. So there is no simple way to get unsupported HTML code (like style="border-bottom:dotted") into a report. In fact, I don't see much a short-term workaround for this. I discussed with the development team, and there are some ideas about how in the long term we might add support for arbitrary HTML. But plans aren't definite yet.


In general JR is focused on providing identical output across all channels. So adding HTML features that would not be supported in other channels would be a bit of a departure from this philosophy.


You could try reposting to the JR forum, since it's really more of a JR issue than an iReport issue. Perhaps someone else has come up with a sort of workaround to this. But I suspect that there is no simple solution today.





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Hi Matt,


this is one of the answers I wanted to get.

Rather I watned the second answer: How to make that. :-).


I will try to solve my problem in any other way.


Many thanks for your time.


Sorry of my English.




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