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  1. The quickest solution is to do everything in a single SQL query: SELECT items.name AS item_name, trends_uint.clock AS trends_clock, trends_uint.`value_avg` AS mem_total_value_avg FROM items, hosts, trends_uint WHERE items.itemid = trends_uint.itemid AND items.hostid=hosts.hostid AND hosts.host='vsrvlab02' AND items.key_='vm.memory.size[total]'UNION ALLSELECT items.name AS item_name, trends_uint.clock AS trends_clock, trends_uint.`value_avg` AS mem_total_value_avg FROM items, hosts, trends_uint WHERE items.itemid = trends_uint.itemid AND items.hostid=hosts.hostid AND hosts.host='vsrvlab02' AND items.key_='vm.memory.size[available]'There are other (better?) ways to write the SQL. But this one is certain to work since it just UNIONs your 2 existing queries together.
  2. There's no need to restart the app server. Setting the password to the empty string like this is definitely the simplest solution. (Setting it to NULL would not work.)
  3. First, you should enable the menu Create -> Domain for non-admin users. Edit the file .../jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/actionModel-navigation.xml. Find this near the end: [/code]Second, you need to enable the relevant flow. Edit the file .../jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/applicationContext-security.xml. Find line 558: createSLDatasourceFlow=ROLE_USERdomainDesignerFlow=ROLE_USER[/code]That should give you the ability for ROLE_USER to create domains. From there you can improve on the solution. Maybe you only want a few users to have this option. You could instead create ROLE_DOMAIN_DESIGNER and use this so that not everyone with ROLE_USER gets this permission. Also, my first change enables Create -> Data source as well. You may not want that. It should be pretty easy to tweak my suggestion to enable only Create -> Domain.
  4. Please advise on how to have domain creation permission without having admin role in Jaspersoft AWS. [Posted on behalf of a customer who wasn't able to post directly]
  5. I confirm that OLAP is not available in the Jaspersoft BI for AWS offering. For a point-by-point list of differences between the offerings, refer to this page: https://www.jaspersoft.com/editions To have OLAP features you would need Jaspersoft BI Enterprise, which you could run on EC2 or on premises (or whereever you like).
  6. The image helps a lot. It looks to me like you have too many categories defined. There are null categories creating the extra space.
  7. Nope, iReport is not intended as an end user tool. It might work for some superusers, but in general it's much too complex for them. Ad Hoc reporting in JasperReports Server is intended for end user reporting and analysis.
  8. The text of your question does not contain a product name (or a question). But it sounds like you're looking for iReport Professional and JR Pro or JRS Pro. You can get iReport Pro for a 30 day evaluation here: http://www.jaspersoft.com/thanks-download-30-day
  9. No. The GUI installer (also called the bundled installer) supports only PostgreSQL. Use the war file installer for SQL Server or Oracle or MySQL or other DBMS technology.
  10. You'll need to clarify. It seems like you're saying the new report fails, but the new report succeeds. The error doesn't appear to be related to JR.
  11. These sample reports are available to help users who are new to Jaspersoft technologies to be able to connect to data in Hadoop. Loading Sample Data to Hadoop Hive Copy the data file to HDFS filesystem, change the paths according to your filesystem. hadoop fs -copyFromLocal $LOCAL_PATH/accounts.csv /user/hdfs Start hive as hdfs user sudo -u hdfs hive Create the table accounts on Hive CREATE TABLE accounts (id STRING,date_entered STRING,date_modified STRING,modified_user_id STRING,assigned_user_id STRING,created_by STRING,name STRING,parent_id STRING,account_type STRING,industry STRING,annual_revenue STRING,phone_fax STRING,billing_address_street STRING,billing_address_city STRING,billing_address_state STRING,billing_address_postalcode STRING,billing_address_country STRING,description STRING,rating STRING,phone_office STRING,phone_alternate STRING,email1 STRING,email2 STRING,website STRING,ownership STRING,employees STRING,sic_code STRING,ticker_symbol STRING,shipping_address_street STRING,shipping_address_city STRING,shipping_address_state STRING,shipping_address_postalcode STRING,shipping_address_country STRING,deleted BOOLEAN)ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';'STORED AS TEXTFILE; Fill the table with the data stored in accounts.csv LOAD DATA INPATH '/user/hdfs/accounts.csv' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE accounts; Running the report in iReportIn order to run the Sample report you will need to create a Hadoop Hive Connection first. First test the connection to make sure it's working. Now, you should use Hive SQL to query your Hadoop Hive data source. This is an example that loads all the records from the sample data. Then, you should choose which fields are you planning to have in your report. You may need all or few fields depending on the report design. After that, you should compile the report by clicking the previiew button. It may take few minutes until the report is generated.
  12. Hi, This isn't a real question... but instead it's a welcome message with a few best practices about asking questions related to Jaspersoft Business Intelligence for Amazon Web Services (Jaspersoft BI for AWS). Some questions may really be specific to the Jaspersoft BI for AWS offering. Those should definitely get tagged with "AWS". (There are folks at Jaspersoft specifically monitoring questions that get tagged like this.) A large percentage of these users will be working with Amazon Relational Database Service or Amazon Redshift. Be sure to tag the questions appropriately with RDS and MySQL or SQL Server or whatever the database technology is. Most questions about Jaspersoft BI for AWS will be more general questions about JasperReports Server or iReport. So you should post those as standard JRS or iReport questions linked to those projects. BUT... please also tag the question with the "AWS" tag. Thanks! By the way, for anyone who comes across this post and has no idea what Jaspersoft BI for AWS is. You can read about it on the page Jaspersoft for AWS.
  13. I added a screenshot to show what I meant. First, does that clarify it? Second, does that solve the problem?
  14. Important detail: Linking input controls fails for me. (Linking other types of objects works well.) I logged it: http://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/2743
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