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datasource question for a crosstab


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I have a report where I need to create a crosstab from a list containing objects of type Bj. The class definitions are shown below...


public class Bj {

String id;

String bjName;

List listOfBoiObjects; // objects for type Boi



public class Boi {

List listOfAstObjects;

String id;

String boiName;



public class Ast {

String astName;

String familyName;

String mic;

String category;




The crosstab columns and rows looks like this..



| boiname-1 | boiname-2 |


| mic | category | mic | category |


astName-1| 12 | none | -1 | neg |


astName-2| 5 | sub | | |




The problem is that JasperReport would go through one Bj object at a time but I want to be able to feed the crosstab the listOfAstObjects for each Bj object and have all the results in the same crosstab. Is this possible?





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I suggest you create your own JRDataSource implementation that would iterate on exactly what you want.

If you want to know how to implement data sources, you can look into the existing JR data source implementations or in the supplied /demo/samples/datasource sample.


I hope this helps.


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