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  1. Hi: You can hide a crosstab column by setting the column "cell element" width to 0 but How do I do this via a conditional expression? I want to hide a column in my crosstab table depending the on the column header value. Currently I am hiding the textelement but that leaves a blank column space in my cross tab table!!! Thanks, Sulalith
  2. Hi: I want to have a text field expression like "if ($V{cars}.equals(new String("BLACK"))) $V{carName} else if ($V{cars}.equals(new String("RED"))) $V{carMake}" You can one conditional expression but how can you have multiple conditional expressions for a text field expression. Thanks, Sulalith
  3. Hi: I have a parameter as the datasource with expression below "new na.usss.report.jasperreports.TrendingReportDataSource($P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE})" I thought If I "new" the datasource I would get a new datasource but I seems to be missing datarows in the crosstab where this datasource is used. Note I am passing in the "$P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}" into my datasource paramter. Is this the problem? Any Ideas? Sulalith
  4. Hi: Is it possible to access report parameters or fields in a custom datasource for a subreport/crosstab report? What are my options here if I need to massage my custom data depending on the current fields/parameters? Thanks a bunch, Sulalith
  5. Hi: I have a crosstab report that needs subheaders in the middle of the crosstab table. The headers are actually cells that span the entire width of the crosstab to indicate to the user that it a new section in the crosstab. One way to do this is to have a dummy row in the cross tab. But how can I do this without affecting the cross tab calculations. Is this possible in jasper reports? Report format looks like this.. ***********|Total| Period_1|Period_2|Period_3| ----------------------------------------------- **Japanese Cars*********************************| ----------------------------------------------- Toyota | 20 | 5 | 10 | 15 | ----------------------------------------------- Honda |100 | 50 | 25 | 25 | ----------------------------------------------- **Swedish Cars**********************************| ----------------------------------------------- Volvo | 120 | 80 | 20 | 20 | ----------------------------------------------- **British Cars**********************************| ----------------------------------------------- Rolls Royce| 5 | 1 | 0 | 4 | ------------------------------------------------ Thanks, Sulalith Rajapakse Post edited by: sulalith, at: 2007/07/17 13:26
  6. Hi: I want to request a feature for conditional borders elements. Where do I post a feature request? Thanks, Sulalith
  7. Hi: Cells I am referrinf to here are crosstab cells? But I am also interested whether you can do this with other table cells as well. Sula
  8. Hi: Is it possible to control (have conditions) Cell Styles depending on the cell contents? For example the cell in questions stores integers and I want to show the values in different colors depending on the integer value. Also I want to change the border accorsing to the cell values. Thanks, Sulalith
  9. Hi: I am trying the generate a crosstab report as shown in the image below. Is this possible with jasper reports? Thanks, Sulalith Post edited by: sulalith, at: 2007/06/25 20:16
  10. Here is the image size=384]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/images/empty_subreport.PNG Post edited by: sulalith, at: 2007/06/20 18:30
  11. Hi: When my subreport has not data (is empty) it prints a line as shown in the attached image. What do I need to do to get rid of these lines when the subreport is empty? Thanks, Sula
  12. Hi: I am exporting a greek report which looks OK using JasperViewer but if I export it to PDF none of the greek fonts are displayed viewing the generated the pdf document with adobe acrobat. Note: I am able to open other greek font pdf documents with adobe acrobat on my machine. Any ideas? Thanks, Sulalith
  13. Hi: Is it possible to apply a text font & text size to a band? Can Jasper Reports apply styles using CSS? Thanks, Sulalith
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