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Should I buy all the documentation?


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Hi all,


I've been playing with iReport for a couple of weeks now, and I have made some nice looking reports with some cool graphs.


I will be utilising iReport more in the future to create reports/bills for the company I'm working for. I'm looking at tying it in with a webpage to dynamically generate reports and other wonderful stuff.


My question is: Has anyone bought all the doco and found it to be helpful?


I'd hate to shell out lots of US bucks and find it to be lacking in quality.


Also, what's the difference between the annual subscription and the single copy? How much updating does the manual require? Does it change often enough to warrant the extra money?


Any input would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,

James Greenhalgh

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I think I found the answer regarding the frequency of updates in some other posts (search is a wonderful thing!), but my question still stand about the quality and completeness of the doco.


If I don't hear anything in a couple of days, I'll buy it anyway and let everyone know how I go.




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Hi James,


I've been evaluating ireports for a couple of days. Though it looks like a cool tool to create the reports, I couldn't crack some of the things to fulfil my requirements. There has been no organized help. (Or not easy enough for people like me to find out)


I'm sorry to say this but I have to. Even in the forums there hasn't been more help. Instead of helping/replying the users query, moderators are pushing them to buy the guides.


Have you got the guide? Do you find that to be useful? Pls let us know. And also pls tell us the links you've referred for ireports, so that it'll be useful for all the users.


Your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.


with thanks and regards,


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