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  1. Cracked it: for some reason doing a .trim on the field solves everything. I have no idea why blank characters are being added to the field, and whether this is my database or iReports doing this, but problem solved.
  2. Hi all. I'm struggling this one. I want to find out if a field equals any of a list of values. Hard to explain, but I basically want to do an SQL IN type query, but in a report expression. I've tried using: Code:$F{Field}.matches("(bananas|apples|oranges)"«»)with no sucess. In the above example, I want TRUE to be returned if the Field contained either 'bananas', 'apples' or 'oranges', but not anything else. I also fiddled with the syntax of the above, but even something like: Code:[code]$F{Field}.matches("^(bananas|apples|oranges)$"«»)doesn't work. Any ideas on how to achieve this, or pointers as to where I'm going wrong with .matches? Thanks.
  3. By resetting all properties, you would also reset the object's contents. This would therefor be the same as simply creating a new instance of the object, i.e. draw a new one!
  4. This has kind of already been implemented: if you have the Element Properties Docking Pane open, certain properties have little flowery disk button things next to them. Hitting these buttons sets the properties back to default.
  5. gvangeel wrote: I have set the security in the "filterInvocationInterceptor" bean, as described in the first posting of this thread. cfr.: /flow.html=ROLE_ANONYMOUS,ROLE_USER,ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR Did this solve your problem gvangeel?
  6. I have just updated our JasperServer instance from 1.2.1 to 2.0.0, and can no longer run reports anonymously from a URL. I used to be able to open a browser and go straight to something like: http://server:8080/jasperserver/flow.html?_flowId=viewReportFlow&reportUnit=report_name After changing the following line in applicationContext-security.xml: /flow.html=ROLE_ANONYMOUS,ROLE_USER,ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR I get "Access denied: You do not have permission to take the requested action" Help!
  7. hingerl wrote: hi there, i miss "fields,variables,parameter" docking-panes. I have only "Page, Pagenumber, Total, Percentage" where is it gone?? :S These elements can now be found in the 'Document structure' docking pane, which can be viewed by going through the 'View > Docking panes' menu.
  8. Have you discovered the 'lastPageFooter' band? Does exactly what it's title suggests: only prints on the very last page of the report.
  9. I've been using it all day under Mac OS X and it certainly feels like the fastest release I've ever used, even with real-time validation enabled. I haven't personally found any new little things yet, but there's always something in new releases that makes me smile: I just haven't found it in 2.0.0 yet :)
  10. I concur! I can't tell you how many times I've sat down in front of iReport and just smiled at the latest really neat trick I've discovered! Keep up the good work all!
  11. It sounds like you just need to create a group in the report, with a condition something like Code:$F{Field1}+$F{Field2}+$F{Field3}+$F{Field4}Put those 4 fields in the group header, then put the remaining fields in the detail section. Jasper will then start a new group, and display fields 1-4 when any of them change, and list the broken-down data below the heading.
  12. I'm having problems with leading zeros being excluded from reports which are exported to Excel, and having read all the threads in this forum on the subject I know I should consider fidding with the IS_DETECT_CELL_TYPE parameter. Problem is, I don't know where to set this parameter. I'm creating reports using iReport, and then placing them on a JasperServer server, which is then accessed by users using a web browser. It sounds like I need to change the export parameter on the JasperServer side of things, and not in the actual report JRXML. If I'm correct, can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks.
  13. This could be caused by slight variances in the fonts used in your reports between the two operating systems. JasperReports will not render text fields if the height of the text field is less than that of the height of the font selected, the field will appear empty. Try increasing the height of the problematic fields.
  14. I would say it's definitely worth it! I constantly find myself flicking to the iReport user guide to find something out. It's sometimes nice to have a description of what each element property does in front of you. I've picked up a lot of useful hints from them as well.
  15. I've found that some pathnames don't work with this - nothing ever happens once iReport has run the "open" command. Doesn't seem to like spaces. Does anyone know of a way to bring more control to the "External Programs" settings? I'd like to be able to surround the command run in quotes, but there doesn't seem to be a way to determine where in the command iReports puts the filename. I'd like to be able to do (WITH the quotes): Code:"open %filename"
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