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JasperServer and JasperAnalysis documentation


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Public documentation is here: http://jasperforge.org/espdocs/espbrowse.php?id=74&type=folder&group_id=112&parent=74

This includes a technical reference guide to the Mondrian OLAP engine used by JasperAnalysis.

The JasperServer wiki is starting to get filled in http://jasperforge.org/plugins/mwiki/index.php/Main_Page?group_id=112

There is an FAQ on the wiki.

You can also purchase comprehensive documentation of JasperServer and JasperAnalysis. These now have been updated to document JasperServer and JasperAnalysis version 3.5.

The JasperServer Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive resource for many users, including technical business analysts, DBAs, system administrators, report developers, and system developers. It describes the Ad Hoc Editor (including its HTTP API), repository management, development and administrative features for users of the JasperServer plugin for iReport, access control/authorization recommendations and examples, tips on working with Acegi, and an example of customizing the JasperServer web application interface.

The JasperAnalysis Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive resource for many users, including technical business analysts, DBAs, system administrators, and system developers. It includes an end-to-end overview of multidimensional modeling, in-depth details about analysis operations, design concepts for cubes, dimensions, and measures, performance considerations, and error messages and their meanings.

JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite, including JasperReports and iReport


JasperServer and JasperAnalysis


JasperServer only


JasperAnalysis only



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swood Wrote:

Public documentation is here: www.jasperforge.org/espdocs/espbrowse.php


I think that some of the links are broken... I tried to download "JasperServer 3.0 Web services" but I got an empty document.

The root folder for public documentation is http://jasperforge.org/projects/jasperserver/docs

After that select the version (v3.5 Documentation) and you find not broken links and up to date documents...


Thanks a lot for this documentation.


[sherman] I fixed the link.



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The best way to get the most current documentation, right now, is to go to the Releases area. Look for the New 4.0.0 release set of files.

Look for the file: 


Download this file and unzip. It will contain the same docs that you get with the installer and the war file distribution zip (jasperreports-server-cp-4.0.0-bin.zip). After you install or unpack, look in this folder for the docs:




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