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Date differences


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Strange date problem between iReport 1.3.1 and jasper server 1.2


If I execute the same report a date field comes back different, in iReport I get back 18/04/07 00.00 executing exactly the same report on the server I get back 17/04/2007 22.00.00


I've even tried getting the report from the server via the plugin and execute and the difference is still there!


Anyone has any idea what is going on here?





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This has to do with timezones. There are different places in JS where one could specify the timezones to be taken into account.

On one hand we deal with the timezone at login time.

Secondly, there is also the possibility to specify the timezone for the data source, if the data stored in that particular database that we report out of does not store GMT based datetime information but rather timezone based datetimes.

iReport does not perform any timezone transformation on the data passed back and forth. If you think what iReport produces is OK, then you need to check JS for the mentioned timezone settings to make sure they do not cause unnecessary timezone transformations.


I hope this helps.


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thank you for the fast reply!


I did look at the timezone info in JS, my data source is at Europe /London Greenwich Mean Time... which should be correct as I am in London..


This is also the timezone on the Login screen..


Is there anywhere else where the timezone info is stored?


The database is storing real times, not offsets, and the correct date/time should be 18/04/2007...


Any other suggestions would be much appreciated





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