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iReport visual in design in web


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I just want to know if the iReport has a capability to design a report with in the web instead of using the natural visual design of the report.


I ask this because we want to design a report in our team to just open or access one visual report design and not to install every local machine of the designer it self. The report designer is with in our server.







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Hi Bryan,


The iReport GUI is too complex to be fully ported to a web interface. It will remain a thick client (oops, I mean "rich client interface").


From what you described, it sounds like you may be interested in the ad hoc reporting that is included with JasperServer Professional. That is targeted at letting less technical business users design their own reports from a thin client (browser only) GUI.


JasperServer Professional isn't Free, but there's a free evaluation you can download from jaspersoft.com. You might want to take a look and see if it's interesting for your needs.




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