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Default directory for compiled reports?


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How do I change the default directory for compiled reports?



I am trying to run a report in my code that runs fine in iReport, but I keep getting an error that says it cannot load class 'Report_name_bunchOfNumbers'.



I did a search on my computer (using Windows XP, tried all Jasper versions between 2.8.7 and 3.0.2, J2ee SDK 1.4.2) and found the class in question (Report_name_bunchOfNumbers) in directory C:Program FilesJasperSoftiReport(version).



I think this is the root of my problems.

How do I set the system up properly so I can generate a compiled report and have my code find it?



I move my compiled code to a directory C:ReportsJasperReports. I think what I need to do is also point my iReports to generate compiled reports in that directory as well.



Am I correct here or all washed up?????



Someone else MUST have gone through this before.

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I suggest you to configure iReport to compile the reports in the same directory of the jrxml file.


IReport put the jrxml directory in the classpath at compilation and execution time, so this is a good place to put your classes. Otherwise simply add your favourite directory to the iReport classpath (options -> Classpath)



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