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Insert a condition


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Hello i'm french so sorry for my english.

I'm trying to add a condition in an expression.

the expression is:

new Boolean((($F{TYPE}.equals("T2T")))?true:(($F{INTERNAL_PARTY}.substring(0,3)).startsWith("9660") && $F{CALLING_PARTY}.length()>4)?true:($F{INTERNAL_PARTY}.matches("[\d]{4,4}"))?true:false)


and i want to delete all the field that have more of 4 characters thanks to this condition:




but i got problem with the insertion. i'm new in ireport.

If somebody can help me...



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This code compiles...


new Boolean(
( ($F{TYPE}.equals("T2T"«»))
? true :
( (($F{INTERNAL_PARTY}.substring(0,3)).startsWith("9660"«») &&
$F{CALLING_PARTY}.length()>4 )
? true :
( ( $F{INTERNAL_PARTY}.matches("something"«») )
? true :
) && ! ( ($F{CALLING_PARTY}).length()>4 )






is always FALSE;


"[d]{4,4}" is not a valid java string


$F{CALLING_PARTY}.length()>4 is required TRUE AND FALSE at the same time...



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