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problem with MDX query


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I'm trying to run my own cube with jasperServer. It is really simple, here is my schema :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Schema name="rentabilite">

<Cube name="rentabilite">

<Table name="tbrentabilite_test"/>

<Dimension name="Temps" foreignKey="idTemps">

<Hierarchy name="Temps" hasAll="false" primaryKey="id_temps">

<Table name="temps_test"/>

<Level name="Annee" TABLE="temps_test" COLUMN="annee" uniqueMembers="true"/>

<Level name="Trimestre" TABLE="temps_test" COLUMN="trimestre" uniqueMembers="false"/>

<Level name="Mois" TABLE="temps_test" COLUMN="mois" uniqueMembers="false"/>




<measure name="Taux_rentabilite" column="tauxRentabilite" aggregator="sum" datatype="String" formatString="Standard"/>





So, just one measure and one dimension.


I put this query in my analysis view, very simple too :

SELECT {[Measures].[Taux_rentabilite]} ON COLUMNS

FROM [rentabilite]


It doesn't work, I 've got the error :

not valid MDX query : null


have you got an idea?





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If you are using jpivot interface you will have to define a query that uses to axis, Columns and Rows.


So you have to put one dimension on columns and another on rows.

for example you can put the measures on columns and your temps dimension on rows.




Jens Nöring

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