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are there any free tools to test mdx queries?


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I have been searching for some free tools to test mdx queries against Oracle 9 database. All I found was ProCalarity and I think its not free. Does anybody know about any such tools where I can write and test an MDX query and then just copy and paste it in the query for adding an analysis view?
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Top Posters In This Topic

Giulio has included ReX, a visual MDX designer http://sourceforge.net/projects/whex/

as part of iReport 1.3.1. ReX uses XML/A to run queries against an XML/A data source, like JasperAnalysis.


Cincom, a JasperServer/JasperAnalysis user and JasperSoft partner, has been enhancing ReX in collaboration with Igor Mekterovic, the ReX project lead. The version of ReX included in iReport 1.3.1 is more advanced than the currently downloadable version of ReX. We will be working to have an "OLAP workbench" that includes a schema builder, ReX and other tools to help develop, test, deploy and maintain JasperAnalysis environments.





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