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  1. Thank you Olyncircle! That worked. I alwys thought column_number variable would store how many columns (fields) we have on the report. But looks like column count tells how many columns we are displaying vertically for each distinct row, which in my case was 4.
  2. Uploaded files. Hope this helps you understand my question. I changed data from my sample to different dataset but the layout is same.
  3. Hello everyone, Is it possible to force column headings to show only once for first row on each page? I have a column styled report and I am showing 4 rows in vertical format and column headings are repeating for all four rows hence creating space problems. Currennt sample out put: Page 1 FirsName: John Smith First Name: Ebony Clyde First Name: Ekin Johove First Name: Dolat Ram Dept: HR Dept: HR Dept: FIN Dept: IT Salary: 40000 Salary: 38000 Salary: 50000 Salary: 20000 DESIRED OUTPUT: Page 1 FirsName: John Smith Ebony Clyde Ekin Johove Dolat Ram Dept: HR HR FIN IT Salary: 40000 38000 50000 20000
  4. That's what I have. Only first level sub-report is working and sub-report inside sub-report is not working. Sub reports are linked like the following: First sub report : SUBREPORT_DIR+ "sub-report1.jasper" 2nd level sub-report: SUBREPORT_DIR + "sub-sub-report1.jasper"
  5. Hi Everyone, I have a main report, main_report.jrxml which has a sub report called sub-report1.jasper and which also has a sub report called sub-subreport1.jasper. My main report is not able to find the sub report that is inside another subreport. Getting error: "resource not fount at "subreports/sub-subreport1.jasper". main_report.jrxml sub-report1.jasper sub-subreport1.jasper Main reports are in "MainReports" directory and sub reports are in "subreports" directory. I only have one subreports directory under MainReports which contains all sub reports including sub-subreport1.jasper. I am passing sub report path via parameter "SUBREPORT_DIR" from main to sub and to its sub-sub. It has a value of "subreports/". Why is JasperStudio still not able to find the sub report that is called from another subreport?
  6. Your jar might be missing dependency jars. You should create a fat jar so that it contains all required dependent jars. .Can you also add sysouts to see what date values are being passed to report params?
  7. It depends how reports are getting their queries. You could pass same query as a parameter string from external source to your reports. Write your query inside a parameter , say paramReportQuery Then in sql editor of each jasper report, you just have this parameter name as follows: $P!{paramReportQuery}
  8. How to pick up highlighted rows? ID NAME AMOUNT DATE 1 CA 1000 2022-05-01 1 CA 1000 2022-05-02 1 CA 1000 2022-05-03 2 CA 1000 2022-05-01 2 CA 1000 2022-05-02 I created a variable on ID+NAME+DATE, then created a variable with MAX(DATE) and reset it on the group but its doesn't seem to be working
  9. Hello Friends, I have a veriable that sums of values based upon two conditions. If I use both conditions, the value is coming up 0. However if I only leave one condition, I get a value. What could be wrong? ($F{city}.equalsIgnoreCase ("NEW YORK") && $F{city_zip}.equals (10001) )? $F{sales_amount}:0 I have data where both conditions are true yet the variable is not summing up the values. If I just use one condition in the expression, then I am getting values. Do I need to create group on the condition fields? I am resetting the variable at report level
  10. Hello, Does anyone know of a free automated tool for converting Crystal Reports to Jasper (jrxml)? I've done manual conversions in the past but now I am looking for an automated tool for a customer. I have searched already and I couldn't find any suitable thread to provide some guidance. Any help is highly appreciated.
  11. Ok. so I dont' know if it resolved this error but after I uninstalled Jasper server, I also deleted these two filers from c: users/user_xxx folder. .jrsks .jrsksp I then reinstalled community version 7.5 and it seems to be working now.
  12. I am getting exactly same error. The older versions used to work seamlessly after fresh install but something has changed in the latest versions which is causing this issue. My older version 7.2 worked perfectly fine but I un-installed it and installed latest 7.8 and it's not working. I verified tomcat is up. Apache Tomcat/8.5.57 One thing I've noticed is newer version is asking form chrome.exe location and I checked it was pointing to correct path. Older versions never asked for it. Not sure if Chrome is causing any issues. jasperserver.log is attached.
  13. So you want "odd" pages to have one type of margins and "even" pages a different type? Of your report will always be two pages long? Checkout following threads: https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/538958/setting-margin-values-dynamically https://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/538231/adjust-page-margins-oddeven-pages
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