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confused. pls help in setting up OLAP


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I would really appreciate if someone could point me to a right direction and give a list of steps that I need to take to make OLAP work with our Java app.

We have a java app and the requirement is to add an OLAP engine or server that should give us slice/dice functionality to view sales and commissions charts etc.

Any step by step instructions would be highly appreciated.

I am very new to OLAP but I have developed several reports that used charts.

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I would suggest installing JasperServer using the installer. There is a (default) option to install sample data. The sample data includes JasperReports as well as OLAP views that you can run and look at.


In addition, there is the JasperServer User Guide which you can download (or get from the docs directory after an install). This has a description of OLAP setup and usage.

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So, if I install JasperServer, will those jars be automatically there or I will have to add manually?

What does jasperserver basically do? Basically we have a web app and some jasper reports. We want OLAP functionality added in our app through some open source tools. Will JasperServer serve our purpose? And thanks again.

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