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defining catalog in xml/a Datasource


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I've tried to define an xml/a datasource so that i'm able to browse my cubes with the ne warehouse explorer from ireport. I've defined a xml/a datasource on the jasperserver named "olapxmladefintion"

The Catalog is named "OLAP" like my schema is named in my schema file.

As mondrian connection refference I've choosen my wokring olap mondrian client connection.


When trying to connect from ireport via xml/a I am able to log on the server. the user and password are ok and a datasource named "Provider=Mondrian; Datasource=OLAP" is shown. That seems to be the right Datasource.

But there is no Catalog that I can choose and so I'm not able to use the xml/a connection.


I've installed a blank version of JS 1.2 and ireport 1.3.1 last weekend at home using the sampledata and it worked.


Where is the problem. Is the definition of the catalog wrong?


Hope someone can help me?

Maybe Sherman has an idea?


Thanxx a lot


jens noering

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