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OneThousandAndTWO bug!! DataSource class refresh


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Hi Giulio,

I just confirmed that there is a class refresh bug in IReport. Whenever I modify my custom datasource source code, and copy compiled class files into my IReport report folder, IReport does not update report fill with new class. Rather it runs previous version.


Whereby, my current solution is to shutdown IReport and restart. Then the new class is recognized by IReport and correctly fills report.


I hope someone looks into this matter soon,



Senior Java Developer

Catalyst International, Inc.

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Datasource classes are loaded from the java virtual machine and can not be reloaded. In effect it makes not sense reload this kind of classes, iReport is not a java development enviroment, and load each time the datasource classes can be a terrible idea when the datasource is very complicated (like OLAP based datasources).


The only reloadable classes are the scriptlets.



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