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Histograms using Jasper Reports


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Hi to all developers...


I am planning to use jasper report and ireport tool for my project, could any one please tell me whether Histograms are supported by jasper reports or not mind it I m asking about Histogram not Bar Chart.


If yes whats the way to develop it using ireport..


Thanks in advance


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JasperReports and iReport expose a chart component that covers the most common chart types and their most comment settings.

But if you are aware of a specialized chart API able to render the exact chart type that you need (in this case histograms), you could leverage that API by making direct calls to it in an image element.

This is shown in the /demo/samples/jfreechart sample and the /demo/samples/jcharts sample where we use the JFreeChart and the jCharts APIs directly to render charts. In those two sample, we are not relying on the built-in chart component that JasperReports has.


Until histograms are part of the supported chart types, you could render them as shown in the samples.


I hope this helps.


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i could make it work with jfreechart. IReport demo samples have one to use jfreechart on jasper templates. Here one can use jfreechart with histogram to show the chart. Getting the sample data for histogram was a challenge since it does not publish one on their site but i managed to get one from the source code sites.

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