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ireport - amount in words


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i have an sql that calculates total amount for invoice, which goes like


select sum(total), name,...

from tbl_X

where ....


however, i dunno how to convert amount in numerics (USD1345.00) into words (USD one thousand three hundred ...). how can i do that? btw, i'm using Oracle as my database. pls guide me step by step as i'm very new with ireport. thanks...

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It might be easier not to use iReport to convert the number to words at all. Consider wrapping the select statement in a stored procedure that generates the figures in words and returns them in the same format as the sql select would. Then just use the procedure as a data source instead of the query.


The code wouldn't be that bad. The procedure would have to:

-Get each digit and its magnitude (tens, hundreds, thousands)

-Get the string value of each digit/magnitude pair and stick them all together.


No idea what it would look like in pl/sql, hopefully you have a DBA that can help you.

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