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Creating schema for OLAP


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I am trying to work on OLAP Views in JasperIntelligence.

So to etablish a Mondrain connection, we need to create one schema for that. I just went through the sample Schemas given (FoodMart xml files). Is there any tool to create a schema? Or do we need to manually write the XML File? Can anyone please give me step by step guidance in creating a schema to impliment the OLAP view, please?


Thanks in advance,


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there is a beta version of a schema designer on the mondrian homepage i think, but i think its better to design the cube on your on. thats more flexibel.



at the first step i would suggest to make a summery of the struture of your database.

Anylse how your datastructure is:

* star or/and snowflake schema

* balacanded hierarchy or parent/child - hierarchy

* single facttable or mutliple facttables


and the most important thing : the structure of the cubes


that is the first step you have to take.

after that you can try writing your schema.


htp jens

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