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Web Services Authentication


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I am trying to use the web services for a project to display reports in another web application actually on Oracle Portal Server. I am not sure how the authentication works. I have no problem accessing the web services if I send a username and password with every request. However since they are using SSO I don't have the password (right now it's hard coded) is there away around this? I am actually using the client code from ireport for some more information.


Some more information about the project is that it's on Oracle Portal server and I successfully integrated Acegis with OID so I don't know if that helps at all. Also one more LDAP question when I integrate with OID or LDAP do I need to create users in the repository or does it pull users out of LDAP and create them in the repository for me?

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Is there something in the request from Oracle Portal Server that indicates an OID user or session? A custom Acegi filter could be created that picks this up and authenticates against OID.


When authenticating against an external service like LDAP, the external users and roles for that user are synchronized into the JI metadata without a password, so you do not have to create users in the repository yourself.





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