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Bug? Re: blank lines in report


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Admins almighty,

I decided to start a separate thread here to elicit your response on whether this should be classified as a bug or as a feature request:

As clarified by Lucian,

"The JR engine does not start to render a band unless there is enough space on the current page to fit the band's declared height"


So if i create a band that's larger than what a page can accommodate, it goes into an infinite loop trying to add page breaks and starting new pages.

I have attached a simple example. In the example, the subreport specifies a large height (809) for the detail band, which causes the infinite loop.


Overall, my request is that the band be allowed to start on a page even if it's too big for the page, and let it wrap onto the next page(s) if need be. [file name=InfiniteLoop.zip size=3208]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/InfiniteLoop.zip[/file]

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I think the problem is, that the main report doesn't know the height of subreport bands in advance.


So I suggested some months already a feature request (at least I remember having a discussion with Teodor) to pass the remaining space + the total surrounding band height to the subreport and if the engine recognize that the subreport-band doesn't fit at the current page AND also not at the next page on the whole then the Exception with the hint that an infinity-loop is detected should be thrown.


Don't know if it could work, but I would start trial and error in that direction.


just my two cent


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