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Having problem in using iReport-1.2.7


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I have installed iReport-1.2.7 with JasperIntelligence-1.1.0. I am able to start the iReport, and I am also able to create the report unit. But I am not able to create the query. And I anm not able to get any data in the report. Can anyone please tell me what are steps to create a report in iReport?




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Hi Guillo,


First I created a query in JI

(Administrator->Repository->Add Query). Then I created one data source. Then I created one .jrxml file also. Finally I created one report unit with all the three. I was able to get the report, but not with all the fields I selected. So in this regard, I need your guidance. Step by step procedure to create a JI report.


Then I installed iReport -1.2.7. I started the application, I am able to add the server. In the repository, I was getting all the report units I created with JI. But when I try to create a report unit in iReport, I am not able to do that. So I am basically trying to get the report on JI as well as iReport.


One more doubt. Do we need to write the code for .jrxml? or is there any user interface between user and the .jrxml file? Please do let me know.


Thanks for the help.





giulio wrote:

Hi Mohan

what query are you tring to create? JI query?

How do you try to execute the report? On the sever? In ireport? From the plugin asking for a remote execution?


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