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Lucian/Teodor - comment please


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Still haven't heard anything concerning this issue. If the powers that be could address it, it would be great. I am sure that there are many that have similar concerns on the topic.


I appreciate that you are probably being kept quite busy as the popularity of JasperReports seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, just hoping that this issue is under discussion or development even. :)




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With the feature request already posted there, we are continuously evaluating each of them and prioritize.

This would be something that would require more effort and since there seem to be workaround that allow users to achieve the same effect, it does not get the required resources at the moment.

Also, if it is for us to solve this feature, we would need more details about how exactly it should work and to better understand why the current workarounds are not acceptable.




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The workarounds involved an extra step after producing the report, which really limits the ability to preview the report or integrate it easily with frameworks such as AppFuse or even JasperIntelligence. Plus when dealing with large scale reports, this workaround is probably not practical as per the number of system resources that it would tie up to read in 10,000+ pages of two pdf files and interleave these two large pdf files to account for the two page layouts.


My thought as to how to solve it was posted in the feature request. If these points are not detailed enough, just let me know and I will draft a longer description of how I see the feature request functioning.... my design easily expands to accomodate multiple datasources which could be used for the same report (1 data source per each "page"), among other features. Essentially the FR combines two aspects of JasperReports that I have had to use work arounds for...


The first being trying to have portrait and landscape pages in the same report (typically in pdf export format). It's easy enough to do this with iText so the impact on JasperReports to implement should be minimal. The second being that I want to have a non-workaround method to dictate page breaks. I am finding that the "group header and isStartNewPage method" appears to be buggy when there is enough room on the existing page to fit some of the next group headers contents etc.


To summarize my Feature Request, I envision having a "ReportPage" element which is essentially a stand-alone JasperReport file minus Title and Summary bands. This ReportPage can have its own groups and bands and detail band and has its page margins set on the page. A Jasper Report then is 1 or more ReportPage elements. It would be backwards compatible in that if there is no <ReportPage> element, the XML parser could create one by default when reading in older versions of JasperReports.

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