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JasperIntelligence and Jasper4Salesforce


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The reason why I have been quiet on these forums lately is that I have been leading the development of Jasper4Salesforce, an on demand reporting/analytics service that integrates into salesforce.com. Jasper4Salesforce is based on JasperIntelligence, runs in a hosted environment and is configured to meet high traffic and reliabiity requirements.


See http://www.jasperforge.org/index.php?option=com_jd-wp&Itemid=102&page_id=5

for a blog about some of the details. I would be happy to discuss here any questions you had about this.





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I assume that you want to set up a Link on slaesforce.com page so that users can generate the report directly from the page. (For example, an Account Summary report from the Account detials page) This is possible with Jasper4Salesforce, although it takes a little bit of effort since we have not yet designed this specifically. Basically, you will need to generate a URL that calls the report with the necessary values.


Clicking on the report name within Jasper4Salesforce will bring up the Run Report Dialogue – the URL of this page includes a reportUnit parameter in the URL that has the full path to the report. The “/†in the path are replaced by “%2F†– you will need to do this as well when generating your URL.


If your report has user inputs that you want to populate from the source page, you will neede

By right clicking on the Run Report page that comes up when you click on the report title, you can view the html source of the page. Searching on “<input type=†will allow you to identify the name associated with each input – ignore inputs of type “hidden†or “submitâ€.


The custom link in your salesforce environment should be defined with the following URL definition – this assumes a single parameter of Account0_Id and the need to have the report run automatically rather than have the user enter values:



Note that the items in <> will need to be provided by the calling page or you directly.


Hopefully this helps...if you have additional questions, please let me know.




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