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avery labels


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I just made an utilty class to print Avery Zweckform labels. Only Zweckform 3483,3655 and 3660 are implemented at this time.



Drop the binary jar in the zipfile in your classpath and use the code like this:


public JasperPrint getAveryPrint(JRDataSource orginalDataSource,String orginalReportFile,Map params,FormType formType) throws JRException{

JasperReport jasperReport = AveryHelper.getReportWrapper(formType);


JRDataSource dataSource = AveryHelper.getDataSourceWrapper(orginalDataSource);


return JasperFillManager.fillReport(

jasperReport, params,dataSource);



myPrint = getJasperPrint(orginalDS,orginalJasperFile,

new HashMap<String,String>(),




The forms are

not extensively tested, so it may require tuning. You can simply adjust the reports in the sources. If you need help message me.

JDK 1.5 coded.

[file name=avery.zip size=55013]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/avery.zip[/file]

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I'm having difficulty with your instructions. I downloaded the zip file. There are two binary files rather than one, AveryReports.jar & Avery Reports-Sources.Jar.


You indicate to "Drop the binary jar in the zipfile in your classpath". Are these two jar files to be added to the Jasper Report Classes and the environment variable classpath updated to refer to the location of them?


You also included code to apparently call those two jar files to print the report in the prescribed label format. Where would you place this code? Or is it another export class like a PDF or Excel File?


I'd have a proiject where I could use something like this because it would be reuseable. Kind of surprised JR does not have a label routine built in.

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