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as400 help please


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I need some help from someone who is knowledgable with the as400. I have my driver and url correct and working. the problem i am coming to is that the field names have @ in front of them, Also when i compile i either get delete tokens or a bunch of errors. How can I use the the field names with the @ in front or if not what is my best option.


thank you in advanced


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DOH!! I forgot you can do that. It seems to work except now i get SQL Problems:[sql0206]Column hdia1 not in specified tables



here is my sql statement

select h.@henc# as henc, h.@hdia1 as hdia1, h.@hdia2 as hdia2

from pfcfilso.@enchdr h

where hdia1 = '27447'

or hdia2 = '27447'

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