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sub-subreports without REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP


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Is there any solution to create Sub-Subreports without passing all parameters from Mainreport (REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP) to all other Sub- and Sub-Subreports?


Have following problem: Want to create a Mainreport that contains a Subreport. The Subreport contains an other Sub-Subreport. Don't want to create only one datasource for the Mainreport and pass all parameters and datasources to the Sub- and Sub-Subreports. I need one datasource for each report.


The process I'm creating a report:


Fristly I create and fill the datasource for the Sub-Subreport. I place the Sub-Subreport and it's datasource in the datasource of the Subreport.

Then I'm filling the Subreports datasource and place it into the Mainreports datasource.

Now I want to display the whole report but I'm not able to see the Sub-Subreport.


Do anybody have an idea? Don't want to use REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP for passing all parameters and datasources from Mainreport to Sub- and Sub-Subreports.


Thanks, discox

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You don't have to use REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP if you don't want to.

I think the problem is that you do not provide a data source for the master. In such case you should use whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail" for your master report template.


I hope this helps.


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