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  1. Hello Teodor. You were right. Our performance problem is really caused by the application of pictures. But there no image loading improvements. We use an external library to generate an aztec-barcode. Than we include the barcode into a JasperReport. We compared jasperreports' source code (1.2.7 & 1.3.0 ) and found a difference in the class JRImageLoader. Up to version 1.2.8 or 1.2.9 you have used the JPEGImageEncoder to encode images. Since the version 1.3.0 you use the JRJdk14ImageEncoder. Why? :) The problem are the memory leaks in Sun’s ImageIO JPEG libraries in J2SE 1.4. This memory leaks are fixed since J2SE 1.5.Please see the thread on: http://www.nearinfinity.com/blogs/page/jclark?entry=thumbnail_generation_gotchas We are know using J2SE1.4.2_05 and at this moment we have no options to upgrade to J2SE1.5. My question is relatively easy: Will there be a new version to guarantee the down compatibility in that the problem will be repaired? Maybe one can make this configureable? Thanks, Kind Regards, Thomas
  2. Hi Teodor, the only image we are using in our reports is a very small image (3KB) in the report-header. Don't think, that the image causes this described performance problems. We have know extended the investigation of the cause for this problem. I'll let you know when we have some more precise results. Thanks much, kind regards, Thomas
  3. For reporting purposes we use JasperReports 1.2.7 in our application. After an actualisation of JasperReports from 1.2.7 to the version 1.3.0 our technical test has observed some heavy performance losses during the load tests. The technical test team ascertained a massive extent of utilisation of the application servers CPUs. A more precise investigation showed that with running load tests constantly a full garbage collection was carried out. After we have steped back to JasperReports version 1.2.7, we could not observe any performance problems any more. So we suppose that our performance problem roots in actualisation to JasperReports version 1.3.0. Have already been similar problems reported to you concerning JasperReports 1.3.0.? Which basic differences are there between JasperReports 1.2.7 and 1.3.0?
  4. Hi! Is there any solution to create Sub-Subreports without passing all parameters from Mainreport (REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP) to all other Sub- and Sub-Subreports? Have following problem: Want to create a Mainreport that contains a Subreport. The Subreport contains an other Sub-Subreport. Don't want to create only one datasource for the Mainreport and pass all parameters and datasources to the Sub- and Sub-Subreports. I need one datasource for each report. The process I'm creating a report: Fristly I create and fill the datasource for the Sub-Subreport. I place the Sub-Subreport and it's datasource in the datasource of the Subreport. Then I'm filling the Subreports datasource and place it into the Mainreports datasource. Now I want to display the whole report but I'm not able to see the Sub-Subreport. Do anybody have an idea? Don't want to use REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP for passing all parameters and datasources from Mainreport to Sub- and Sub-Subreports. Thanks, discox
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