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creating new report on hyperlink


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I have been searching forum for a few hours trying to find out how to create new report on hyperlink click.

I have main report with records containing basic data and i would like to have link for every single record and on its click to be opened new detailed report. Of course, i should also pass some parameters to detailed subrecord.


I create records from Java stanalone application.


Thanks in advance for help!



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Check the supplied /demo/samples/hyperlink sample.

Note that it will be some servlet of your own that would answer to those hyperlinks so the URL will be something that you have to design yourself. JR only gives you the mechanism to attach them to text or images in the report.


I hope this helps.


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You can add parameters to your hyperlinks in two ways:

  • Simply append GET parameters to the URL, e.g.


    + "&param1=" + $F{field}
    + "$param2=" + $V{var}
    + etc

  • (JR >= 1.2.6) Create a custom hyperlink type and add hyperlink parameters:

    <textField hyperlinkType="MyReportHyperlinkType">
    <hyperlinkParameter name="report">
    <hyperlinkParameter name="param1">


    When you export the filled report to HTML, you'll need to set the JRHtmlExporterParameter.HYPERLINK_PRODUCER_FACTORY parameter to a JRHyperlinkProducerFactory instance that can handle MyReportHyperlinkType hyperlinks.





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