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Subreports and Page footer


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I have a report with all my page elements (title, date, user, ....) and a subreport with my data. All bands on my "master" report work as expected... the title band is at the top and the footer band at the bottom of the page (fixed position for all pages).


On my subreport, I have a "legend/key box" that needs to be displayed at the bottom of the page (of course, above the footer of the main report). But the static text at my subreport's footer band is not "bottom aligned" as I expected. It is displayed right below the detail band, which is fine for most pages, except for the last page, where its position depends on how many rows I have.


I have disabled "ignore pagination" on both the master and the subreport. I have hard coded the number of pixels for the report size. Nothing seems to work. The master layout is shared among different reports, that is why that footer needs to be defined in the subreport.


I appreciate any and all help on this,



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Page footer information cannot be placed in the subreport, because it will not be rendered at the bottom of the master report.

This is how subreports work.

It is the master report that creates the page and it is its responsability to render the footer.

It would be hard to make subreports contribute to master report page footer because if you have more than one subreport everything would become a mess.

I'm not even sure if two users could agree on how this page footer contribution should actually work. Everybody would have its own different opinion about it.


Thank you,


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I have the same problem than rcracel.


So, how can I place a "legend/key box" related to subreports.

I think this is a quite common funcionality, I mean have some subreports where I would like to put at the BOTTON: legends,static foot information, repeat the subreport title in tiny font...

Are Jasper people working on that? I have to wait because it will come in short time or I have to change my design?



General Data <-- the title
the data <-- the data
.. <-- the data
Section one p.1 <---the legend AT THE BOTTON
Issues <-- the title
the issues <-- the data
.. <-- the data
Section two p.2 <---the legend AT THE BOTTON
Solutions <-- the title
the solutions <-- the data
.. <-- the data
Section three p.3 <---the legend AT THE BOTTON


Response will be appreciate. A lot.


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