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Can I decode on the report?


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Therefor you must define a Style where you set your attributes to your needs (red and bold) and set a condition to that style where you make as expression:


new Boolean($F{count}.equals(new Integer(1)) 


(assume that your field is of type Integer)


then you just have to set this style to your TextField and voilá that's it.


have a nice weekend



Post edited by: CBox, at: 2006/09/23 12:26

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Thanks C-Box!


I can't figure out how/where to put it all together ...


I create a Def style - default but no conditions

I create RedBold with Def as parent - conditions "new Boolean($F{numOfTD}.equals("0"))" (it is a string)


I have tried to set none or both styles on the field and check/un-check the "Styled text" flag but always use Def or RedBold?


What to put where in iRepoprt1.2.6?

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CBox I have an issue here


I added a condition to the Style so it will change only when a text appears

new Boolean($F{SERVICE}.equals("text"))


I've tested it with Strike Through and underline, its ok

But It will not change its color neither change background color

Is there anything special that must be set?

I already changed the style to opaque and still don't work :(

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Which iReport are you using?


I remember having the same trouble when I start using ConditionalStyles... it was because the element properties were overwriting the Style properties. I had to remove the Color Attributes from the TextElement (in Textpad pure JRXML edit) to get the Style working.... Teodor and Guilio would think about a solution.... I think it's working since 1.2.5 but not sure.... and because I'm still in (home) vacation - I have my samples all at work... so I will check at wednesday.


till then


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