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Changing configuration of Jasper Intelligence


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I have installed Jasper Intelligence 1.01 (by downloading and installing the jasperintelligence-1.0.1-windows-installer.exe). Everything works well but I would like to use the default installation of Apache TomCat and MYSQL which are installed in the directories program files/Apache Software Foundation/TomCat 5.0 and program files/MySQL.


How do I configure the JasperIntelligence installation to use the default paths for TomCat and MySQL is there a configuration file with paths and settings?



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It sounds like you would like to change the defaults that the installer sets up (when you choose to install with a "bundled" tomcat and a "bundled" mysql).


If you would like to use your already existing versions of both tomcat and mysql, then probably the simplest thing to do is to re-install and pick the options to install with an "existing" tomcat and mysql. That way, all of the configuration will get automatically setup for you.


So, the steps would be to uninstall your current installation and then re-install using the "existing"

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