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Problem opening Eclipse Wizard


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First off, thanks for a FANTASTIC product.


I would like to get your 1.2.6 plugin working in Eclipse. After following the animated steps to download the plugins from JasperForge, i selected a New JasperReport and got a dialog with 'Problem Opening Wizard', that said it was unable to load class




I also see the IReports icon added in the Eclipse toolbar, but clicking it returns "The chosen operation is not currently available". Prior to installing the plugin, I had run the Windows installable for IReports.


Any guidance you can give me is greatly appreciated.

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Run iReport by your self (i.e. from the start menu on Windows, if you have installed iReport with the windws installer) at least once.

In this way iReport will write a file used by the Eclipse plugin to lookup iReport, and start it by hisself the next time.


Sorry for the bad documentation about that.


Let me know



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