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How to get String[] array Parameter


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In IReport,I write a query below:

select * from student where name in ("smith","lisa","robert")


I want to use $P{name} replace ("smith","lisa","robert").

and the query change:

select * from student where name in ($P{name})


in java code outside:

String[] name={"smith","lisa","robert"}


myJPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport, parameters, conn);


But it dosen't work. how to sovle this problem?

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You have to pass a string containing all your names:



String names = "'smith','lisa','robert'";


myJPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport, parameters, conn);


and to use a query like:


select * from student where name in ( $P!{names} )


Please note the exclamation mark before $P: in this way

names is not considered a query parameter, but a place order to replace with the content of that parameter.

The final query will be created by JR in this way"


"select * from student where name in (" +

"'smith','lisa','robert'" +

" )"



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 Can someone from JasperReports explain this little bit better ? There is no info about passing array as parameter in your Guide. I want to pass array of Strings, to select some data from database with in (as above), but I also want to define a condition on field or variable based on the input array parameter elements. How can I do this ? e.g., I want to say, if array contain 1, 2 I want to write 0 in my textfield.



Thx, Miki

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 No response to such a simple question :-(. Can PLEASE someone explain how to use array of Long's as Parameter in iReport ? I know that I can say select... in (var) in SQL, but how to pass such Parameter from program and how to define this variable in iReport ? 

And how can I use this array in field expression condition to check if such array contain some values ?


I read the book The Definitive Guide to iReport and some tutorials, but there is nothing about this!


Thx in advance, Miki

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from iv030 i,iv004 i4,iv008 i8
where i4.va_ide_alm=i.va_ide_alm and i4.va_nom_alm in ($P!{almacenes11})
and i.va_exi_can <> 0


             System.out.println("almacenes: "+almacenes);
            Map mapa=new HashMap();
             mapa.put("almacenes11", almacenes);

JasperPrint jp=JasperFillManager.fillReport(jr, mapa,con);




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