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Problems with ireport 1.2.2

2006 IR Open Dicussion

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By: Philippe Damerval - damerval

Problems with ireport 1.2.2

2006-05-22 12:22


I am finding two problems with the new iReport release - one, the classpath issue, I see has been reported as a bug, but I am confused as to its resolution. It seems from the bug report that there is a patch available but I cannot see any way to download it. The version I have is the lastest one according to the date on the installer and it still has this classpath problem.

The other issue is that sometimes, reproducibly but for reasons which I am not sure of, iReport stops compiling or allowing preview of a report with a message "Action aborted by user". If I want to preview my report again, I have to exit iReport and go back in again. Naturally, I am not doing anything to abort the operation, that I am aware of. Does anybody else have that problem, and if so, does anyone know where it comes from?



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I am trying to use iReports 1.3.2 and I randomly get an 'Aborted by the user' error when I try to run a report (with or without a datasource). It's clearly a bug given if I restart iReport the problem goes away, sometimes! Sometimes I can run a report a few times before the error appears, and other times a report will not run once.


The error appears less frequently on iReports 1.3.1.


I note a few people have seen this problem and it renders iReports virtually useless. I'm not even doing anything too complicated (a simple query and a tabular report). I've noticed it aganist Hibernate and a normal JDBC connection.


Therefore, how about someone on the iReports team takes note of this and adds lots of useful debug information to this condition so we can find out why it's happening?


I'm happy to test a build if someone wishes to send me one.




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Here we go! The person you were looking for is finally here :lol:


ok, actually I never heard before about that bug (I never exeperienced it...), so let me investigate a bit.


Well, iReport says "Action aborted by user." when you are running a report but, for some reason, the report file that was supposed to be saved on disk is not OR it contains some unsaved changes.


It is a very strange condition that normally happens only when you are aborting the dialog to specify where to save a file not yet saved for the first time, but for some reason it is raised checking to the report changes.


First of all I need that someone (able to reproduce the problem) tries to save the file before compile/run it.

And please check it SaveBeforeCompiling options is set in the options window.


Hope to hear back from you soon!!


Would be great see it in the bug tracker, I don't remember to have seen it before.


Thanks a lot guys!



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