Using XMLA/Data Adapters

Working with XML/A Data Adapters

XML/A (XML for Analysis) is an XML standard for accessing remote data in an OLAP schema. Jaspersoft Studio supports an XML/A data adapter that can connect various XML/A providers such as JasperReports Server and Microsoft SQL Server Analytic Services (SSAS). Because Jaspersoft Studio uses OLAP4J (, it may also be able to connect to other types of XML/A providers.

The remote server must also be configured for XML/A. For more information, including instructions for configuring Jaspersoft OLAP, see the Jaspersoft OLAP User Guide .

To create an XML/A Data Adapter:

1. Right-click Data Adapters in the Repository Explorer, and select Create Data Adapter.
2. Select XML/A Server and click Next.
3. Enter a name for the data adapter.
4. Enter the URL for your XML/A provider. The type of server determines the value. For example:
     If the XML/A server is JasperReports Server, the URL is something like: http://<hostname>:<port>/jasperserver-pro/xmla
     If the XML/A server is Microsoft SSAS 2012, the URL is something like:


5. Enter a user name and password of a user that has sufficient access in the report server to return your data.
6. Click Get Metadata.

Jaspersoft Studio attempts to connect to the server and return information about its data sources, catalogs, and cubes. If it's successful, default values appear in the drop-downs. If the connection fails, check the URL, ensure that the remote server is available, and try again.

7. Select the data source, catalog, and cube that stores the data you want for your report.
8. Click Test.

Jaspersoft Studio connects to the server and read the cube you selected. If the connection fails, check the URL, ensure that the remote server is available, and try again.

9. When the test succeeds, click OK to close the message and click Finish to close the New Data Adapter wizard.

When you create a report using this data adapter, you may see a message indicating that the data adapter doesn't support the ability to retrieve fields. This means Jaspersoft Studio doesn't have enough information to preview your data. After you provide an MDX query, Jaspersoft Studio can automatically read fields and suggest their datatypes.

Registration of fields in XML/A Providers

When you create an XML/A data adapter, you define the cube from which to read data. Jaspersoft Studio can then inspect the remote server and suggest datatypes for the fields returned.

To register fields returned by an XML/A data adapter:

1. With your report open in the Design tab, click to open the Dataset and Query window.
2. Select the data adapter that points to your XML/A provider from the drop-down in the upper-left corner.
3. Select MDX from the Language drop-down.
4. Enter a valid MDX query in the text field.

To create a good MDX query, you must be familiar with both the language itself and the data you want to work with. You can also use a tool (such as the Jaspersoft OLAP Workbench) to load your OLAP schema and automatically generate MDX queries from it.

5. Click Read Fields.

Jaspersoft Studio returns the XML/A provider's data, including fields and parameters, and populates the window's tabs with information. For more on how these tabs can be used to define the data in your report, see Creating Queries.

Jaspersoft Studio also sets the class type of each field to an appropriate Java datatype. If Jaspersoft Studio sets an incorrect datatype, you can set the correct type after the fields are added to your report.

6. When the data in the Data Preview tab looks like the data you want to fill your report, click OK to close the Dataset and Query window.